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Wooden Watches Reviews & Buyer Guide.

Are you looking for a wristwatch that is something special? Are nature and sustainability important to you? Then decide now for a wooden watch from our test or comparison table.

Due to their electronic quartz movement, wooden watches do not need to be readjusted even after months, only a battery change is necessary after a few years. Insider tip: Wooden watches are sensitive to moisture, so handle with care.

Best Wooden Watches Comparison

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Wooden Watches Buying Guide:

How to choose the right product from the above wooden clocks test or comparison

  • Wooden watches are individual. Due to the grain of the wood, wooden wristwatches are never 100% identical.
  • Most wooden watches have an electronic quartz movement. This is characterized by a particularly high accuracy.
  • Some wooden watches also offer additional functions, such as a date display or an integrated stopwatch.

When people wear jewelry, it is often wristwatches – especially among men. In a survey by Spiegel magazine, more than 80% of respondents said they owned a wristwatch. Wooden watches fit in particularly well with our zeitgeist, which is characterized by a desire for individualism and sustainability, and are enjoying growing popularity.

Regardless of whether the watch is made of dark sandalwood or beige maple, a wooden watch is always unique. Because every tree is different and has a unique grain. The design range is wide: whether the sporty wristwatch as wooden jewelry for men or the more delicate model with accents in gold as a wooden wristwatch for women, there is something for almost every taste. What is important when buying, we explain in our wooden watch comparison 2021.

Wood: Unusual material with special properties?

Their popularity is growing, but wristwatches made of wood still convince with the charm of the special. The material, which is still unusual for watches, has both advantages and disadvantages in comparison with the more common watch cases made of stainless steel or other metals.

Many users report that watches with wooden cases feel particularly comfortable to wear, and the weight is also significantly lower than that of conventional watches. However, wood is less robust than stainless steel and particularly susceptible to moisture damage – you won’t find a waterproof wooden watch due to the material.

We have once again clearly compared the advantages and disadvantages:


  • comfortable to wear
  • very light
  • sustainable natural material with “that certain something


  • watches made of wood are less robust than watches made of metal
  • a waterproof construction is not possible

Buying advice: what distinguishes a good wooden watch?

For most people, the visual appearance is in the foreground when they buy wooden watches. However, there are also points in the technical characteristics that can influence the purchase decision. In the following section, we explain what you should look for when choosing your new wooden watch.

Women’s watches, men’s watches, unisex: the difference is usually the size.

Have you ever wondered why some watches are called wooden watches for men, while a very similar watch is advertised as a wooden watch for women? There is no clear answer to this question. Because, of course, you should wear a watch that you like, regardless of whether it is advertised as a men’s watch or a women’s watch.

One of the key differences is the size of the watches. After all, a wooden watch for ladies with a diameter of well under 40 millimeters often looks too small on larger men’s wrists.

Wooden watches for men with a diameter of more than 40 millimeters are often too large for narrower wrists – whether for men or women. But as I said, in the end it is your personal taste that decides.

Movement: Most wooden watches are quartz watches

The heart of every watch is the movement, which uses mechanical or electronic mechanisms to make the hands tick. Most wooden watches are electronically driven quartz watches, only in a few cases a purely mechanical automatic movement is installed.

Watch glasses made of mineral glass are robust and inexpensive

The watch glass protects the dial and hands from damage, as well as the penetration of foreign objects that could affect the functioning of the movement. In addition, the watch glass is always in the field of vision, so even minor scratches can be disturbing. Therefore, the watch glass should always be made of a material that is as resistant as possible.

Generally, three different materials have become accepted for watch glasses: Acrylic glass, mineral glass and sapphire glass. Acrylic glass is the softest of these materials and therefore relatively susceptible to scratches.

Mineral glass is specially tempered window glass that is much tougher than acrylic glass, yet inexpensive. Therefore, it is one of the most popular watch glass materials for inexpensive wooden watches. The extremely scratch-resistant sapphire crystal is rarely found in wooden wristwatches.

Tip: Acrylic glass has the advantage that scratches can be easily polished out again. With mineral and sapphire glass, this is only possible with enormous effort and is therefore uneconomical.

Bracelet material: Leather also goes well with wooden watches

On many – but not all – wooden watches, the strap is also made of wood. Like the more typical metal bracelets, wooden bracelets also consist of individual chain links and must be individually adjusted to the size of the wrist.

Tip: Removing individual chain links is easy to do, even for non-professionals, and a trip to the watchmaker is unnecessary. If the bracelet is too short, you need to install additional chain links – it is best to contact the manufacturer.

But it does not necessarily have to be wood, even a plain leather strap can emphasize the rustic style of a watch with a wooden look.

The bracelet material often also determines the clasp

Depending on the bracelet material, the included bracelet clasp typically differs. Wood bracelets come with a metal folding clasp, while leather bracelets come with a less expensive pin buckle (like you’d find on leather belts).

A buckle can be adjusted to fit any wrist circumference without any effort, but it also has a disadvantage: since the leather strap is always bent at the same point when the watch is put on and taken off, the leather strap may break at this point after some time.

Additional functions: Some wooden watches offer date display or stopwatch.

Some wooden wristwatches display the current date in addition to the time. Some models are limited to the day of the month (i.e. the date in the strict sense), while some models additionally indicate the day of the week.

With the best wooden watches, you will also occasionally find an integrated stopwatch. Two pushers on the wooden wristwatch operate the stopwatch function, and the stopped time is displayed with three additional hands, accurate to a tenth of a second. Watches in this category are called “chronographs”.

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