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Mini Motocross is a sport that makes high demands on fitness, physical strength, reaction, skill and body control. It is therefore not only fun sport, but also extreme sport. Mini Motocross is motocross for children, also known as Children’s cross, which is practiced with a special motorcycle. The pure motocross motorcycle does not include a vehicle registration certificate, odometer, speedometer or alternator. It is particularly rare for the specifications to specify a maximum speed. This vehicle is not allowed to be driven on the public roads at all, as it was designed for competition.


Best Mini-Motocross Comparison

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For whom is Mini Motocross suitable?

Whether a child is already suitable for this sport can be quickly determined. In principle, it is important that it can already ride a bike once. For this purpose, the adolescents should also listen carefully to the trainer and in no case try anything themselves. It is advantageous if an enthusiasm for the motorcycle as well as motocross is already present. Often the child is infected by the enthusiasm for Mini Motocross from the first riding experience. Then it is also easy to maintain the interest in this sport for a long time. If these principles are now met, it is now a matter of waiting for the right time.

Parents can use the following guidelines as a guide. With a motorcycle of 50 cubic centimeters or a maximum of five horsepower, the feet of the adolescent have to touch the ground halfway, otherwise the child will not be able to keep this mini motocross stable at all. Furthermore, it should be tested whether the child can already push the motocross bike on its own. This will quickly give the child a feel for the weight and size of the bike. However, if the bike has more than five horsepower, the child’s feet must also touch the ground halfway. In addition, the adolescent must be able to pick up the motorcycle himself after a fall. In this sport, the age of entry depends on the particular child. As a rule, youngsters start at the age of six. However, there are also adolescents who start at the age of four.

Engine of the Mini Motocross

Normally, the internal combustion engines of the mini motocross bikes run on regular gasoline. The smallest machines have 50 cubic centimeters two-stroke engines with an automatic transmission or 110 cubic centimeters with a three-speed manual. From the cross class, which starts at 60 cubic centimeters with twelve horsepower, the mini motocross bikes include a manual gear shift transmission. If this motorcycle is too powerful for the beginner, then a simple throttle is also possible.

Buying criteria for a mini motocross

A Mini Motocross motorcycle costs between 1,300 and 2,100 euros new, depending on the equipment. At dealers who sell street motorcycles, a new mini motocross can also be ordered or you can get tips on where to get such a vehicle in the vicinity. For parents who first want to provide their children with a used bike, the first place to look is the used market, where they will also find a wide range of vehicles. 50 cubic centimeter bikes often differ several times in their equipment. For example, these include a brake lever or foot brake on the handlebars, a liquid or air-cooled engine, a rigid or adjustable shock absorber and a disc or drum brake. What other differences there are when buying a mini motocross bike and what to look out for are discussed below.


Whether on a new or used kids’ motocross bike, the spokes should definitely be checked here. By a sound test, that is, with the tapping of the spoke, for example, with a wrench, it is well possible to detect a low or high tone. In the case of a dull or low tone, the spoke is loose and then tighten with feeling.

Bolted connections

Often the bolts on a mini motocross bike come loose and you have to pick them up on the corresponding track. You can save yourself the trouble by checking all the bolts on the attachments and the frame. Bolts on engine or aluminum parts such as triple clamps should be tightened with a torque wrench according to the manual.

Air pressure and air filter

If you notice that the tires have almost no air pressure, fill them with air as soon as possible. On the following day, check the pressure again. In this way, it is possible to determine whether the tube is leaking at any point. The air filter including the air filter box should always be in order.


On the used mini motocross bike, it is profitable to take a closer look at the spark plug, as it may reveal something about this driving style of the past rider, and the vehicle’s fueling, which should be checked extra.

Bearings and axles

Meanwhile, manufacturers are quite economical with the application of lubricants. Even on a used motorcycle, it makes sense to take the time to clean and re-grease the axles as well as bearings. Grease will prevent water, sand and dust from getting in.


Required for relaxed riding is the correct position of the emergency stop switch, the handbrake and possibly the existing clutch lever. The levers should be adjusted so that the driver has excellent access to them and they can also be used with two fingers. This means that they are by no means too far out on the handlebars. This then also reduces the risk of lever breakage in the event of a fall.

Plastic parts

If you care about the look of your mini motocross bike, buy a second set of parts and use them only in the summer months or at the races. After the first few rides or rainy months full of crashes, it is then still possible to fall back on an excellently unscratched set.

Electrics and jetting

The function of the emergency stop switch and if necessary the travel line should be checked. The carburetor jetting must be checked according to the manual as well as properly adjusted to the weather conditions and the driving style by the driver. For slow riders and beginners, a smaller main jet should be selected.

Muffler and brakes

The used children’s motorcycle should be checked for oily mufflers. If necessary the muffler wool has to be replaced. The brake shoes have to be checked for free function as well as their pads for wear.


The carburetor has to be dismantled and especially the inside has to be cleaned completely. All jets must be removed, all sizes checked and holes blown through. If the carburetor is not to be removed, the screw connections to the inlet, outlet and gas slide should be checked and tightened if necessary.

Water and coolant

On the used Mini Motocross Bike, you will find a lot of water when draining the tank and dirt particles when removing it from the complete fuel tap. In the float area, the carburetor contents should also be cleaned or blown through in any case. The level of the coolant should be checked and also checked for contamination of the fluid.
Gear oil

Mostly new Kids Crosser are bought without gear oil. In any case, it is important to check the vehicle and refill the oil if necessary. Whether the bike is used or new, the oil should be replaced after one hour of operation, because then any remaining metal chips will come off.

Protective clothing for the Mini Motocross

To ensure that the child is adequately protected in the mini motocross, you should spend a lot of time with him when buying protective clothing.

Helmet and neck brace

In children’s helmets there are great differences in material, weight and workmanship. It is important to have a snug fit. Because of the weight of motorcycle helmets, the young athletes are much more stressed in the neck region in contrast to adults. When the throttle is pushed, the rapid pitching backwards from the head is significantly defused and cushioned, as is the weight from the helmet on the shoulders when landing jumps. In case of accidents, the overstretching of the cervical vertebrae is reduced.

Driver shirt

The driver shirt is available in all sizes. Two material variants are available for purchase: perforated and normal shirts. Normal shirts are available in cotton and synthetic fabric. Perforated shirts, on the other hand, are only made of synthetic material. They are wide-meshed, thinly processed and are therefore best suited for mini motocross in the summer.


Goggles protect you from dust, insects and sprayed dirt from the rider in front. Goggle accessories include roll-offs and tear-off lenses.

Chest protector

With a chest protector, it is important that the rider’s mobility is as unrestricted as possible. When he raises his arms, for example, air must not be cut off from them under any circumstances. On the arms, side panels are advantageous and provide extra protection. The chest protector should by no means be too short, as the abdomen and back must be completely covered.

Rain jacket

Often rain jackets are made of transparent material and protect from driving wind as well as getting soaked in cool hours. Such a protection can also be easily made from a plastic bag or plastic bag itself. For the arms, two holes are cut out at the very top and a hole for the head at the top center. Thus, with a transparent bag, the driver’s shirt is still clean and recognizable. It is also possible to provide such a rain jacket well with a race number or sponsor stickers.

Arm guards and kidney belt

It is important that the arm guards for adolescents have a thick plastic insert. A fabric arm protector with incorporated foam will not suffice. A kidney belt will protect the child’s hips from bad abrasions in the event of a fall and from getting chilled in the winter months.


Children’s gloves for mini motocross are available from a hand width of six centimeters, although the thumb is not measured here. It is worth taking a look at trade magazines, which report on practical tests and performances of the gloves.

Knee pads

Also with the child cross usual knee protectors are very useful, so that apart from the knee protection also an ideal movement possibility exists. However, there are other knee pads that include a splint for the shin, which is inserted into the appropriate boot.


The boots for mini motocross should be purchased from brand manufacturers, as cheap designs are too tight, often sharp-edged and simply not at all thought through as well as optimized during development. Good motorcycle boots protect especially the shin and from twisting the corresponding foot. These contain enough plastic to make them sturdy.

Rider pants

Rider pants, also known as pants, are made of high quality and synthetic material. They offer great comfort in cold and hot conditions.

So that the first time at Mini Motocross succeeds

Numerous clubs offer mini motocross for children. They often even have specially designed race tracks for this purpose, on which the little athletes can practice in peace and quiet in a manner appropriate to their age. Before the first start and training on the motocross track, it is important to talk through the functions of the vehicle with the child and do some dry practice on the jacked-up bike.

Motocross for kids – minicross

A variety of different adventure worlds open up to children these days. There are the visits to various theme parks or playgrounds. Of course, this is especially true in the summer, when children can have their own adventures and the weather is good. Motocross riding is also a good option here. For most children, riding a bike is now just a means of transportation. Real fun, however, is the fast jets with the motocross. We have taken a close look at the various motocross models for children. Because there are numerous models in the most diverse designs. With our help you will find the right motocross for children and make your children a real joy. More about this in the following paragraphs. We wish you a lot of fun while reading and with the new motocross for kids, the so-called minicross. If you are still looking for a new motocross for children, then we also have some recommendations for you. With these recommendations you can be sure that your children will have a lot of fun and the purchase is guaranteed not to regret.

Dreams learn to fly with motocross for kids

Among the good models is an ultra-light motocross bike. This is characterized by its sensational light weight and is perfect for beginners. So if the child has not yet had any experience with motocross, we clearly tend to such a model. So that it is also appealing in terms of design, it has been given a cool racing look.

In addition, the technical details are also convincing: The ultra-light entry-level model is equipped with rotary throttle and features an aluminum pull starter with a powder coating. The manufacturer has also integrated a 49 cubic centimeter single-cylinder two-stroke engine. Therefore, children quickly reach speeds of maximum 50 kilometers per hour with the bike.
This speed is absolutely sufficient, especially for beginners. The bikes are available in several colors such as black, white, red, orange or green. One of the advantages of the bike is that it comes to a smooth power delivery. In this way, the ride is accompanied by an agile and safe driving experience.
The motocross for children and the electric power

Another model for entering the mini motocross world is a modern electric bike. In this day and age, more and more emphasis must be placed on ecological and sustainable trends, which this electric bike absolutely fulfills. Thus, some models with their manufacture represent a real ticket to the most diverse competitions. For some of the various models have a 500 watt electric motor integrated. And such a motor has it in itself. It enables rapid acceleration, so that the child can quickly accelerate to the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour. A high-performance battery has also been integrated. With 1.5 hours, this ensures long playtime fun.

But the other technical details are also completely convincing: Rough lugged tires are also incorporated, which provide a good grip. Furthermore, the motocross for children has perforated disc brakes that contribute to safe braking. For the twist grip, there is a shut-off capability to 25, 15 or 7 kilometers per hour.
The motocross for children with reinforced fork

The motocross for children with a reinforced fork is very suitable especially for the advanced riders. If the child has already gained some experience, the motocross for children with reinforced fork is our recommendation. The advantage of these machines is that they are extremely quiet. This has the background that these machines are also equipped with an electric motor again. But the other technical details are also quite interesting: the bike has a large charge indicator and a special paint. In addition, the minicross for children has a super acceleration. While the bike is characterized by aluminum up side down shock absorbers in the front area, the machine has an adjustable shock absorber in the rear area. With this bike, throttling is possible in three stages. A maximum load of 70 kilograms can be carried on the 27 kilogram machine.
So it is no longer only suitable for children, but also young people can find their place here. It is important that initial experience in motocross has already been made and that there are no problems or overestimations here.
Motocross for children and the trial course

At the minicross it is sometimes quite wacky. The more the children know, the more fun they will have. With a taster course, the first time can be passed without any problems. After all, it’s important for kids to learn details of how to use the minicross. This usually involves instructions for the machine as well as a guided tour of at least one track. This is the perfect way for children to get started in the world of mini motocross for kids.
Such taster courses should be booked at every change, so that the children can get used to the new machines. This also provides a sense of security for the parents.

Pit Bike

Always be up to date, is well advised with the products of the French manufacturer Minimx. The company has many products around the pit bike ready. In terms of work, one of the main focuses is on professional and perfect service. It is also important to the company to offer high-quality products for customers so that they can lead a comfortable life. This quality can be seen in many facets, as is evident at Pit Bike.
The wide range of Pit Bikes

The wide product portfolio is presented under the Mini MX brand. These are machines with a speed of 50 cc to 160 cc. You can find the Mini Pit Bike with 14 and 17 inches. For use, the bike is approved for children at least 14 years old. However, the use of this bike is equally possible for adults. The model has an integration of a four-stroke engine with 125 CCM. The maximum load capacity of pit bikes of this brand is 110 kilograms.
The actuality of the Mini Pit Bike

In many cases, the bikes are equipped with a frame from 2016. In terms of oil, there is a capacity of 900 milliliters. On the other hand, the tank takes a quantity of three liters. The single cylinder engine reaches 125 cc. The machine is also equipped with a kick starter, as well as with a power of 6.5 kW.
Another pit bike with a variety of highlights

This bike is given two hydraulic disc brakes as well as a four-speed gearbox in combination with a manual clutch. While this bike features an upside-down fork, there is an aluminum sport shock in the rear. The bike is equipped with an air-cooled four stroke single cylinder engine. In addition to a power of 9 hp, a maximum speed of 90 km/h is achieved. The power of the bike is provided by a 4-speed gearbox and the chain. If this bike comes to the delivery, there is a pre-assembly to 90 percent. This bike is a competition vehicle, which has no approval for the road. The use of the machine may only be on tracks approved for this purpose.
The accessories of the Mini Pit Bike

To ensure that all riders are well-equipped in case of an emergency, the manufacturer from France offers a wide range of accessories. These include the suspension strut with a dimension of 250 millimeters. Furthermore, the chains for the bikes are available, which are characterized by a quick attachment. In the standard version, the chain has about 110 rollers. Other accessories include a swivel quick release with plug chain.
Of great importance: the clothing for the Mini Pit Bike.

Designers have developed a large portfolio of clothing, in addition to which include the combos and goggles for men. Finally, the eyes also need good protection, which is why there are also goggles for women and children. In addition to gloves, helmets and pants are very important for adults and children. When choosing clothing for men, it is also important to pay attention to jackets and rainwear, as well as shirts. Protectors and boots are also very important for women, men and children. For children it is also recommended to pay attention to the underwear. Then biking will be an experience at any time of the day.

Mini Motocross KTM

The KTM Group is known for its hard work in terms of classic leading motorcycles and mini motocross. Of course, the company is always looking to further develop its portfolio. The concept of the company is so elaborated that it is a strategy of success. This is clearly demonstrated by more than 30 international sales offices. The quality of the work is also demonstrated by the company’s various models, all of which have their own individual merits.
The Mini Motocross KTM with the Graphic Kit

With this Mini Motocross, the bike comes with a Graphic, which consists of decals for the fairing and stickers for the fender. Also included in the Graphic Kit are decals for products such as

Rear fender
Front fender
Swing arms
side airbox and
lower fork.

The Mini Motocross K+M with the carburetor

This bike convinces with its high-end technology, with which young professional can cope. Known as the Gazelle Cross Bike, the model incorporates a 49 cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine. The model is equipped with a reinforced sports frame in combination with a fork. In addition to an Easy Alu Pull starter, the bike has a sports exhaust, a sports air filter and a special paint job. In addition, the model has two perforated disc brakes and an adjustable shock absorber in the rear. Other important details include elements such as the ignition lock with its two keys.
The Mini Motocross KTM with the great sound

This bike impresses with a sports exhaust that offers a great sound. As other highlights, a sports gearbox and a sports air filter are given on the cross bike. The coarse lug tires provide more grip. The air-cooled two-stroke offers a speed of 3.5 hp. Unleaded gasoline and a two-stroke engine oil are used. Stable cross footrests connect to a throttle grip on the model. Throttle options are given here in the form of three stages. Other highlights include features like the adjustable rear shock.
The possible accessories for Mini Motocross KTM

Available is an exhaust, which is characterized by a significant reduction in weight. The dB absorber has a mounting with a removable screw. The clean finish combines with high quality carbon and a slip-on muffler. Furthermore, there are accessories such as the racing exhaust. The connection is made to the exhaust bulb. For delivery it comes with a titanium cover, which has a welded mounting tab. The accessories are complemented by a 10-piece cylinder set. If desired, it can also be fitted with a Renthal handlebar.
Getting started with the Mini Motocross KTM

So that from the first moment everything succeeds with the bike, a course for the child offers itself. And motocross will certainly be something that excites children from the first minute. Provided that children have mastered the use of the bike, they will easily learn how to use the Mini Motocross KTM. First of all there will be a briefing. In addition, there is a guided tour of the track. After a few minutes, the children already show how well they handle the machines. Steep curves and hills lure the children out of the reserve. As a rule, children must be at least five years old. It is important that the child brings a change of underwear, a towel and a balaclava when participating in such a course.

Thus, there is an opportunity for your child to be well equipped in life with the Mini Motocross KTM. With the right clothing unforgettable experiences await the child.

Honda Mini Bike

The Japanese corporation Honda is known for realizing the power of dreams. After all, the motto is “The Power of Dreams”. Its large product portfolio includes the manufacture of automobiles, outboard engines as well as power tools. The company also makes dreams come true for children by dedicating itself to the production of the Kona Honda Mini Bike.
The Storm dirt bike with kick-start

This is a 110cc model, with a 110 cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine integrated into the bike. A speed of 75 kilometers per hour is achieved. For the ignition, the version kickstarter CDI is given. Hydraulic disc brakes are incorporated in the front and rear. While a tare weight of 70 kilograms is allowed, the maximum total weight is 150 kilograms. It should be noted that for young people under 16 years of age, the machine is only driven when supervised by a parent or guardian. This model is a vehicle that is approved for competitions. In addition, it may only be ridden with adequate protective clothing.
The Honda Mini Bike and accessories

There are models that stand out for their special finish and color design. In this case, there is a design by Troy Lee. In this case, it is a Honda Graphic Kit. The cut stands for the exact fit. The durability proves to be particularly outstanding. In addition, this part is characterized by its superior vinyl technology, so there is an increased ability in terms of customization. Also available is the Deko Geico Honda kit of the MXON Replica type.

Included in the kit are decals for the front and rear fenders and air filters. Furthermore, the set offers a swing arm, the radiator cover and the fork leg protector. The accessories include the carburetor for the Honda Z50, although it can also be used for the C50 or SS50. However, carburetors are also available for the Ct90 and Ct110 models from 1980 to 1986. Furthermore, the accessories include a personalized baby blanket, with a choice of more than 35 fonts. Among the accessories can be found additional hand protectors that contribute to greater safety while driving.
The Honda Mini Bike as models

In this case, a scale of 1:12 is given. The model is presented mainly in the color red. On the rear side, the bike bears the number 22. The bike is equipped with the typical wheels. For enthusiasts, the purchase of a set box or a display case is recommended. There is also a place for the Valentino Rossi Summer test bike, which is also characterized by the scale 1:12. The model in question is the Honda RC 211 V.

Sometimes the models were limited series with an edition of 9,999 pieces worldwide. Another model available is the Honda CRF50 with a scale of 1:18. This Honda Mini Bike is presented as a toy. In addition, there is a package with race numbers in the box when delivered. Usable are these stickers also on the bike.

Whether in small as a model or in large for driving – the Honda Mini Bike convinces in every moment. So the heart of a collector beats faster.

Mini Motocross Forstinger

The Forstinger company has its headquarters in Traismauer, Austria. Meanwhile, the house sells its broad portfolio in more than 110 stores. The work began in 1962 with an idea on the subject of expert advice with regard to the world around the car. Over the years, the company has continued to expand and can be found in countries such as Slovakia. In all stores, customers have the opportunity to see the wide portfolio for themselves. This includes products such as paint sprays, alloy wheels, snow chains and clothing. Finally, there is also Mini Motocross Forstinger, where a ride will turn out much safer with the right clothing.
The Generic Mini Motocross Forstinger in white

This machine is suitable for children and teenagers. In this case, the maximum rider weight may be 65 kilograms. This model does not have approval for the road. Integrated is an air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine and a carburetor. In addition to a 4-speed manual transmission, the Mini Motocross has a power output of 6kW or 8.16 hp. Also, the model has an electric and kick starter. The top speed is less than 100 kilometers per hour.
The successor to the Generic Classic moped

One day, children and teenagers will no longer be satisfied with the Mini Motocross Forstinger. Then they switch to models like the Generic Classic Moped. This model allows them to reach speeds of 125 cc. It is a pleasant city runabout. Required for driving this moped is the driving license of classes A1/B111. The machine is equipped with one cylinder and air-cooled four-stroke engine. In addition, it comes to the combination of an electronic Fuel injection and a stepless variomatik.

The tires from Forstinger

Whoever rides the Mini Motocross Forstinger, will one day have a need for wheels. For this case, the company has developed a tire configurator. In addition, the company offers wheel covers as a set with different dimensions. These covers are largely made of special ABS quality plastic. Furthermore, the wheel covers are characterized by a 2-layer metallic paint. In terms of color, the presentation of the wheel covers is in black with a chrome ring. In other cases the tires have a silver finish with a chrome ring. In some cases, the covers are characterized by a color combination in black and silver.
The Mini Motocross Forstinger and the world of tools

It happens in the most different situations that even for a Mini Motocross tools are necessary. On the part of the company, the elaboration of hand and power tools is also very important. Furthermore, the tool for a change of tires can be found in Forstinger’s offer. More precisely, this means that products such as screwdrivers, cut-off wheels, ratchet sets and air compressors are available. To ensure that customers are perfectly equipped in their home workshop, the company offers suitable solutions for storing tools in the garages or workshop. Also available in the store are safety goggles, driveway carts and work lamps.
The alternative from Mini Motocross Forstinger

If you ever want to ride through the countryside unpowered, you will do so with bikes like a mountain bike. These bikes are available in different sizes and with many extras. For example, there are bikes with a 24-speed derailleur, which are an ideal companion for off-road and off-road use. An integrated bicycle fork is characterized by a hydraulic lockout. The driving dynamics are also increased by aluminum downhill bars. Further highlights have the mountain bikes in the form of additions such as the crankset. These and other extras give some bikes high traction. Everyone can now get to know the colorful world of Forstinger and gain new experiences.

Mini Motocross Types

Electric Motocross

An electric motocross is, strictly speaking, an electric vehicle on 2 wheels. The motorcycle is not powered by gasoline, i.e. by a combustion engine, but by electricity. Of course, there can be differences in the individual variations and design. These start with the load capacity of the electric motocross bike up to the maximum power that such a product can have. It is also necessary to distinguish between products for adults and for children. Especially in the children’s area, these products are very much in demand, which of course again significantly increases the variety of different products. However, as a customer, you should pay close attention to the age group for which a particular mini cross bike is suitable.
Electric Motocross – What are the special features?

The special feature of a mini motocross with electric drive, you can see here already in the name. Unlike other bikes, this one is powered by electricity. Of course, the power can be very different. A pure electric motocross usually has a battery, which must be charged before driving. In addition, these products are also available for children, which is rather unusual for motorcycles. These designs have an additional feature. They are significantly smaller than the ordinary motorcycles that are otherwise available on the market. This fact also distinguishes such products from others.
Electric motocross mini – what to look for when buying?

When buying an electric motocross bike, the first question that should be asked is whether it should be a bike for adults or for children. Only then should you pay attention to essential features. Especially for children, of course, the performance of the bike plays an important role. As a customer, you should make sure that this is also adapted to the age of the child. Material and quality should of course also play a role. It is a good idea to look out for brand manufacturers in particular. Although this is not mandatory, it is nevertheless recommended. The Internet offers a good overview. There you can find out about all the products currently available and compare prices at the same time.
Mini Motocross Electric – Where are such products available?

An electric motocross bike is available in many large specialty stores. Therefore, it is not particularly difficult to acquire such products. Of course, the Internet also offers a wide range of different models and designs here. For customers who are not so well versed in this area, this should also be the first place to go to get an idea of the variety of products. This can make it easier to decide on a particular product when making a purchase later on. However, before ordering a product on the Internet, it makes sense to look at some products in the specialty stores as well. This is especially true for “new customers” in this area.

What are the opinions of customers

The opinions of customers are very mixed here. With many brand manufacturers, you can find very positive reviews, especially in the area of quality and durability. The performance and reliability are also noted very positively. The situation is different for some “cheaper” manufacturers. Here, the reliability is especially criticized. Quick failure of small parts is often noted here. Therefore, customers should inform themselves about the quality in advance. The recessions can provide information about the respective product. It is therefore recommended to look not only at the general technical parameters, but also at the individual opinions of buyers before making a decision.

Mini Motocross Electric – Conclusion and Result

The electric motocross bike is available in numerous variations and designs. This often does not make it easy for the customer to make a decision, especially if he has little to no experience in this area. Therefore, the first thing to do is to use the Internet to familiarize yourself with the respective products and their differences. The reviews of electric motocross by customers can also provide information about quality and reliability. Therefore, this should not be disregarded. The price / performance ratio also plays an essential role in the purchase, as this can vary greatly. Here, too, the Internet primarily offers a very good overview for a direct comparison of the products.

Mini Dirt Bike

The Mini Dirt Bike is a motorcycle that, as an off-road machine, does not have road approval. However, in terms of noise and emission, the machine has to meet the specifications as stated in the road traffic regulations. However, a mini motocross achieves higher performance than the machines that are approved for the road. For more than four decades, this sport has inspired children, young people and adults. In the meantime, a greater importance is taken by the Mini Dirt Bike with its different versions.

The Mini Dirt Bike with good speed

Presented is this Mini Dirt Bike with 125 cc in the colors black or orange. With this model, a speed of around 98 kilometers per hour is achievable. A maximum of three liters is given as the tank capacity. About 80 centimeters is the seat height at the bike, which at the same time has a length of 165 centimeters. The equipment of the Mini Cross Dirt Bike includes the four-stroke engine, the foot-gear shift and four-speed transmission. Furthermore, the machine has a wheel diameter of 17 inches in the front area, while 14 inches are given in the rear area. Maximum load can be 95 kilograms and can bring a lot of fun.

The Mini Motocross Dirt Bike in three colors

A maximum speed of 60 kilometers per hour is achieved. This is the case depending on the weight of the rider. With black, orange and blue, three colors are available for the selection of the motocross. The tank is filled with 1.5 liters of gasoline-oil mixture. While the machine reaches a length of 120 centimeters, a seat height of 60 centimeters is present. The machine also features an automatic entry system, pull starter and a sports air filter. In the front and in the rear, a wheel diameter of 10 inches is given and integrated with a disc brake in both areas. This helps in driving in an effective manner.

The stormy Mini Dirt Bike

This model is a mini dirt bike with kick start. The Storm dirt bike is characterized by a 125 cc air-cooled 4-stroke. At maximum, the bike offers a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. For the drive is relied on a chain. The manual transmission combines with hydraulic disc brakes in the front and a hydraulic disc brake in the rear. As a permissible total weight is given 150 kilograms, while for the dead weight is not allowed more than 70 kilograms.

The Mini Dirt Bike with four colors

For those who like colors, this model comes in blue, green, orange and red. A maximum power of 6 kW is available. The machine, equipped with a four-speed transmission, brings a top speed of 70 km/h and has a kick-starter as ignition. For the chassis, it relies on a hydraulic shock absorber and a hydraulic strut.
Final tips

When driving, be sure to use the correct oil. Using an oil that is not allowed can cause damage to the clutch. With a mini dirt bike motocross time will not be boring. To keep it a fun time for a long time, there are some guidelines to follow. The rides are to be done only with sufficient protective clothing. It is not allowed to use the machine in the area of the German STVZO. This means that driving is only permitted on private property or on race tracks that are designated as such. This model is a competition vehicle. Only under the supervision of a person with parental authority is the driving of the Mini Dirt Bike permitted for persons under 16 years. Then the joy of driving will be preserved for a long time.

Motorcycle clothing for motocross – guidebook

When the dust swirls once again, when you take a sharp turn, when you elegantly start drifting with the rear tire, then you are most likely sitting on a motocross and jetting towards the home stretch. But it’s when the rider needs to keep all focus on the track that safety is of the utmost importance. And the right motorcycle clothing for motocross offers just as important protection here as a technically flawless machine. In the meantime, however, the look of their products also counts more and more for the manufacturers. In the following, we offer a brief and informative overview of the individual pieces of a motorcycle outfit. What you should consider as a buyer and rider and what makes sense for yourself.

Motocross helmet

Everyone needs to know that it, about a certain mandatory level of motorcycle clothing for motocross, can also be created additional safety. But first to the most important of the important: The helmet. This part of the equipment protects the head in case of falls and is part of the mandatory part of protective clothing. Ideally, this is equipped with a visor. The protective visor should be easy to adjust, but still snap securely. For hygienic reasons, one should pay attention to a removable inner lining and an effective ventilation system. The lining should be washed regularly to prevent infection from minor scratches. In the case of a helmet without a visor, suitability for road use depends on whether the rider wears glasses. Violations can result in heavy fines from the police, so you should always make sure you have adequate protection for your eyes. Other gimmics here would be quick release straps or a reinforced chin strap. Just ask the dealer you trust and let them explain advantages and disadvantages to you. Also, don’t hesitate to get hands-on and try out the helmet yourself.

Motocross boots

If you want to buy reasonable and safe boots, you can expect a steep price. Nevertheless, good boots are not only functional, but also provide an authentic and flexible riding experience. For instance, a good boot will have a sewn-on sole. In contrast to glued ones, these are much more robust and do not come off so quickly. Because should you be in an unforeseen situation to rely on the soles of the shoes to brake or balance, it can lead to material fatigue faster in models with glued soles. In plain language, the greater the risk, the more important the sole. Shift reinforcement and steel toe cap, on the other hand, are mandatory for all models. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated here, too, you can go for ergonomic shin plates. Exterior plastic further reinforces the construction, while the upper construction can still be made of leather. After a ride over cold mud, you’ll also be very pleased with closure buckles.

Chest Armor

The middle of the body also needs adequate protection. After all, you could quickly fall on your back in the event of a fall. If in addition to that, the motorcycle also falls on you, so a sturdy chest protector can protect you from permanent injuries. With a breastplate it is an optional utensil in road traffic, but not in a reasonable motocross – race. As a rule, there is a duty here. When buying, you should make sure that the part ergonomically hugs the body to minimize the risk that the part slips and loses its safety effect. Ideally, the protection is flexible to adjust to your own body. If you are not sure, be sure to seek advice. In combination with neck and back protection, you ensure optimum safety on the motocross bike and can concentrate on having fun. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to inform yourself at your own motocross club about the regulations of racing clothing. Variants of the chest protector can include injection molded chest and shoulder protectors and adjustable hip straps and shoulder sections. Some models can be worn under or over the shirt.

Other accessories

Of course, the shopping list for motorcycle clothing for motocross doesn’t end there. Because under the main layer of protective clothing, the second layer of clothing can also contribute a lot to safety, well-being and riding fun.

A motocross shirt is worn under the breastplate, respectively jacket. Breathable textiles and sewn-in padding additionally increase the overall resilience of the clothing. The motocross pants also fulfill a primary safety function. Breathable or padded models can also be purchased here. The role of the gloves is often underestimated, because flying stones can cause serious injuries to the hands. The grippy layer of, for example, silicone on the bottom of the gloves creates a secure grip even in steep turns.

Buy motocross clothing

In order not to lose the overview when shopping and also with the huge selection of different items, we recommend that you prepare something at home. Result should be a stinking shopping list. In this way, you will avoid impulse buying and be more resistant to sales-willing consultants. Also, don’t forget to consider any delivery times. After all, if a race is coming up soon, there may be unwanted surprises on and off the runway. In summary, motorcycle clothing for motocross should be purchased according to need. Safety comes first in any case, those who can afford it can also pay more attention to appearance and trend. It is advisable with a limited budget to invest the one euro more in safety instead of look.

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