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Fresh homemade bread without sticky fingers and exhausting kneading? A breadmaker makes it possible. With dozens of programs for different types of bread, pizza dough, cakes or even jam, a bread maker can quickly become an irreplaceable kitchen helper for every meal of the day.

Discover devices with practical additional functions for defrosting or browning as well as with a timer for fresh bread in the morning in our comparison table. Especially practical for people with intolerances: According to various tests on the Internet, many vending machines have special programs for gluten-free bread.

Best Breadmaker Comparison

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Breadmaker Buying Guide:

How to choose the right product from the bread maker test or comparison above.

  • Baking is easy with bread makers: kneading, resting and rising the dough are all handled by the machine.
  • Bread makers are not only suitable for baking bread – the devices can make doughs (for example, for pizza), cakes and even jam.
  • A bread maker can provide freshly baked bread in the morning by using the timer function. The time preset can be up to a maximum of 15 hours.

According to a study, the favorite bread of the Germans is the mixed bread, closely followed by toast and multigrain bread.

So that you are not dependent on whether your favorite bread is still in the baker’s display, you can make the bread yourself with the help of a bread maker.

In the buyer’s guide of our comparison, you will learn which programs each bread maker should have, which accessories should be included by each manufacturer and how you can easily bake breads without holes through dough hooks.

Breadmaker comparison 2021 – Conclusion: All-rounders have more than 13 programs

The best bread maker has many different programs. As a result, not only whole-grain and farmhouse breads succeed, but also white bread and sweet bread. Making jams, cakes and pizza dough are also no problem with most bread machines.

For single and two-person households, an automatic bread machine with bread sizes between 400 and 750 grams is sufficient. Families with children should go for a device with loaf sizes between 750 and 1,200 grams.

Breadmaker tests by users point out that people who are allergic to gluten should pay attention to a special program for gluten-free breads. This ensures that the bread does not become brittle despite the lack of protein.

Breadmaker comparison 2021 – Here’s how we compared

Bread makers can be quite expensive, costing up to 200 euros. However, the purchase is worth it if you like to eat bread often, because the production costs of a homemade loaf are lower than the bread from the bakery.

But allergy sufferers can also benefit from the bread maker – if the bread is homemade, the ingredients are known exactly. Even the production of special types of bread, such as gluten-free bread, is no problem with most devices.

Our attention was primarily focused on the program variety and functions, as well as the high-quality workmanship of the device and extensive accessories.

Baking & programs: Good baking results from all comparison products

Baking & Programs

  • Good baking results
  • Duration of the baking time in the basic program
  • duration of shortest and longest baking program
  • possible bread sizes
  • selectable browning stages
  • number of programs
  • program for gluten-free bread
  • program for cooking jam

Baking process: the basic program takes three hours on average

The duration of the baking process varies from appliance to appliance. The time required depends mainly on the bread size and the desired browning level. On average, bread makers need about three hours to bake a loaf in the basic program.

Even inexpensive bread makers can provide good baking results. Bread machines that bake small loaves (450 grams) are especially good for single or two-person households. If an entire family is to be fed, a machine that bakes larger loaves (750 grams to 1,000 grams) is recommended.

Some machines can also bake two small loaves in one go. This allows you to bake two different grain breads at the same time. By the way, especially hearty breads get a nice crust in this machine with the darkest browning level.

The order in which the ingredients are put into the baking pan is very important when baking with the baking machine. The liquid baking ingredients are put in first, followed by the dry ingredients. If, for example, the yeast comes into contact with the water too early, the dough may rise too much and the bread may overflow the baking pan.

Programs: Programs differ in kneading time, resting time, and baking time

The different programs make it easier to bake the different types of bread. It is possible to bake a rye bread with the basic program, but the result will not be as satisfactory, as bread maker tests on the Internet confirm. Therefore, the best bread maker has a large number of programs.

As a rule, in addition to the programs for baking bread, you can also find other options, such as for making jam. This allows the breadmaker to be used even more often and in more ways.

Especially for some allergy sufferers, it is important to have a specific program: the preparation of gluten-free bread. Since these breads can quickly become brittle without the protein of the flour, a corresponding program is advantageous. In addition, care should be taken that a gluten-free bread is not made after a normal bread has been baked – even after the baking pan has been properly washed down, traces of wheat or rye flour may still be present.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of bread makers compared to baking bread in the oven:


  • fresh bread in the morning thanks to timer function
  • machine does the complete process (knead dough, let it rest, knead, let it rise, bake)
  • besides bread, other food products can be prepared (e.g. cake or jam)
  • Oven can be used for the preparation of other foods in parallel


  • bread usually becomes crispier in the oven
  • most machines take up a lot of space

Intermediate conclusion: automatic baking machines are particularly worthwhile for bread lovers and people who want to have an exact overview of the ingredients of the breads.

A wide variety of programs means that a wide range of different types can be baked. Most bread makers can bake gluten-free – they have a special program for this purpose. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers in particular.

Most basic programs bake the bread within three hours. If the process takes longer, this is usually due to the size of the bread. Some automatic bakers adjust the temperature of the ingredients to room temperature before kneading.

Handling: Fresh bread in the morning thanks to time preselection


  • Operation of the control panel
  • Timer for fresh bread in the morning
  • removable and non-stick baking pan
  • easy removal of the dough hooks from the bread
  • can the dough hooks be folded down to prevent holes in the bread?
  • easy cleaning by hand
  • viewing window in the lid
  • lighting of the baking chamber

Operation: Signal tones confirm the pressing of a button

To ensure that automatic bakers can be operated quickly and easily, it is advantageous if the appliances have a program list near the control panel. In addition, the buttons should be unambiguously labeled so that the settings can be made quickly and easily.

All bread makers compared here emit a beep when the buttons are pressed. This confirms the input. Especially with a touch display, this function is very useful. To simplify the input, the buttons should be large so that several are not pressed accidentally.

The display of the vending machines should also be easy to read. Some devices have a rather dark display, so that the light always had to be switched on when looking at the remaining time. However, this had no influence on the quality of the bread machines.

Equipment: Folding dough hooks do not leave holes in the bread

To ensure that the entire baking process can always be observed, the bread maker comparison winner should have a viewing window in the lid. This way, the process can be stopped at an early stage, for example, if the dough rises too high and runs out of the baking pan.

The interior lighting also helps to keep a better eye on the baked product. This means that a new baking process can be set directly after the baking process, should the crust not have become dark enough.

So that the user does not have to search for a long time in the dough to remove the dough hooks of the breadmaker, hooks that fold down automatically are recommended. This way, there are no holes in the bread and the dough hooks do not have to be awkwardly retrieved from the bread.

Intermediate conclusion Handling

Intermediate conclusion: According to customers, almost all of the bread makers compared can be operated intuitively and quickly. Devices with a program list on the housing are the quickest to operate, since the correct program does not have to be found in the operating instructions.

Interior lighting and viewing windows make it easier to check the bread. Inexperienced bakers in particular should check from time to time to see if the bread is rising too high.

Processing & Accessories: Measuring cup and dough hook remover are a must

Processing & Accessories

  • Processing of the device
  • Accessories included in the scope of delivery
  • BPA-free food preparation

Appliance processing & included accessories: no sharp edges on the appliances

To prevent users from injuring themselves on the device when using the baking pan, for example, it is important that the edges of the housing are not sharp. However, users did not point out any sharp edges on any of the bread makers.

Some bread machines also feature a cool-touch housing. These devices can also be touched on the housing during baking without the user burning their fingers. Especially for households with children, this feature is very useful.

The brands of bread makers we compared always include measuring cups, measuring spoons, dough hooks and recipes with their products. Many devices also have a dough hook remover. If the hooks are not removed before baking, they can be removed from the bread with a hook handle.

Bread baking is simplified by matching accessories that are included. Measuring cups are designed for small amounts of liquid so that they can be measured accurately. Dough hook remover should always be included so that the dough hooks can be removed from the baked bread more easily.

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